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IN3 Network was birthed out of a need for women entrepreneurs to connect, learn, grow, and build community.  


Our philosophy is "Give to Give."  We're all familiar with "give to get;" the problem with that is, you're not really giving; you're expecting something for something.  IN3 Network encourages members to help 1 member a month, whether it's a kind word, a connection, or a piece of sage wisdom, with absolutely no thought of payback!

Women network differently than men.  It's not good or bad, it's just different.  We are relationally based, and IN3's gatherings support that notion.

Our approach to learning is a bit revolutionary as well...No more workshops that result in pages of copious notes that are never looked at again!  We provide hands-on, relevant, action-based opportunities to enrich skills and knowledge.

We look forward to partnering with you in business!

IN3 Founder

Heather Doering has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. She's built businesses and sales teams, conducted national, regional, and local workshops and seminars, and has supported businesswomen throughout her long career.

Heather started hosting networking groups in her home in 2007; over the years, those groups morphed into IN3 Network.  Heather is passionate about helping women acquire the skills, knowledge, and relationships required to run a successful, thriving, fulfilling business.  

Heather is a single mom of 2 amazing young men and 1 sometimes pesky dog.  She owns Ace in the Hole Branding, a digital branding and marketing company that "whole-istically" connects small businesses to their ideal customers.

Her advice to you:  surround yourself with others who know what you don't, who cheer you on, and who are willing to be graciously honest.  Most importantly, ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

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